Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Free VSTs and VSTIs


This site has a large collection of free vsts and vstis that can be used with Ableton Live.

Creating glitchy-techy fat basslines in Ableton Live


Tom Cosm provides us with another great tutorial. This video walks you through how to create a "glitchy-techy" fat bassline in Ableton Live.

Using racks in Ableton Live


A step by step lesson on how to use racks in Ableton Live.

An Ableton Live lesson on track creation


An excellent walkthrough on a track created by Monosylabik. Explanations of what was done and why (all in Ableton Live).

Creating a click track in Ableton Live


A great instructional video on how to create a click track (one that can be played with a live band using Ableton Live as a supplement).

Ableton Live on stage


Tom Cosm has been traveling the world, giving lessons on going from the studio to a live performance with Ableton Live. This video is a collaboration between him and Pitch Black on this subject.

Mouseless navigation in Ableton Live


A great guide on how to use Ableton Live without the use of a mouse. Includes downloads for hotkeys.

Creating Dub with Ableton Live


An excellent guide on creating dub genre music with Ableton Live.

Looping with Mackie control emulation in Ableton Live


An in depth tutorial on looping and Mackie control emulation in Ableton Live.

Another live looping tutorial for Ableton Live

A detailed tutorial on creating live loops in Ableton Live.

Here is a video on how to do this as well

Realtime looping in Ableton Live

Short description on how to do "loop pedal" style looping.

Monday, September 29, 2008

An introduction on how to dj with Ableton Live

A step by step video on how to dj with Ableton Live.

Collection of shortcut keys in Ableton Live

A list of shortcut key strokes to use in Ableton Live that make navigating the program and creating music, easier.

A guide on using Ableton Live's beat repeat

Robert Henke displays the abilities of Ableton Live's beat repeat function.

Using software instruments in Ableton Live

An easy to follow video tour on how to use software instruments in Ableton Live.

A tour of Ableton Live

A simple and helpful tour of Ableton Live.

How to emulate a turntable scratch in Ableton Live

Short guide on how to create that turntable scratching sound in Ableton Live.

Warping an entire track in Ableton Live


A lengthy description on how to make warping a track in Ableton Live a lot easier.

Advanced arpeggiator techniques in Ableton Live

An excellent series of videos on advanced arpeggiator techniques using Ableton Live. These videos show how you can use several of Ableton Live's arpeggiators on the same clip to create a unique sound.

How to use dummy clips in Ableton Live

A series of videos on how to use dummy clips in Ableton Live.

Side chain compression tutorial for Ableton Live


An in-depth tutorial on how to use sidechain compression in Ableton Live.

Basic beat creation in Ableton Live

An easy to follow tutorial on the basics of creating beats in Ableton Live.

Video tutorial of how to dj with Ableton Live


In depth video tutorial of how to dj with Ableton Live, as well as adding fxs to tracks.

Video tutorial of Ableton Live's Operator


A good video tutorial on Ableton Live's powerful synthesizer, Operator.

Ableton Live homepage movies

A collection of Ableton Live movie tutorials including an introduction to Ableton Live, compression and sidechaining as well as how to create basic beats.

Tips and tricks from ableton live's homepage


A collection of various tips and tricks from Ableton Live's homepage.

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